In order to deploy your bot on SMS, you'll need to configure several elements.


The setup form consists of demo channel and brand channel options, and can only be configured when they channel is being set up for the first time.

Production vs. Demo

A production channel is intended to be used by your customers and end users. A demo channel is intended to be used for internal testing of experiences before they're deployed to your production channel.

Select Area Code

Select an area code for your SMS number. Snaps will provision a random number within that area code for you to use.


1. Name - - The name of the channel for reference within Snaps, this is internal facing and won't be seen by your end users.
2. Number - The phone number associated with this channel, this field will appear blank for new SMS channels until the from has been saved.
3. Account SID - The account SID associated with your SMS channel. This may be useful for troubleshooting errors with your account manager.

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