Understand what your audience is saying

Snaps NLP technology allows you to create high-quality user experiences by allowing you to understand what your users are saying and sending the right response. Snaps lets you build and integrate conversational interfaces with your bot by providing a powerful NLP engine created by Google’s Dialogflow in order to process, understand, and respond to your user’s requests.

NLP enabled bots are adept at handling a wide variety of use cases, they can:

  • Accurately answer frequently asked questions without the help of customer care
  • Easily send users with more complicated inquiries to a live representative using the Snaps Handover Protocol
  • Respond to requests like “I want to book a hotel in Miami this Friday through Sunday” or “I want to buy running shoes for my dad”

What's Next


Learn how to create intents in order to respond to what your users are saying.


Pick out specific pieces of information that your users mention — anything from street addresses to product names or amounts with units


Improve your bot's understanding using real utterances from your users.


Test how your NLP handles a range of samples

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Understand what your audience is saying

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