Snaps SDK

The Snaps Web SDK allows you to track onsite events and run chatbots on your webpage or in a webview inside your native mobile application. It works similarly to other javascripts - it lets you call a single function with a directive, event-type and set of properties or other information.

Event Tracking

The Snaps Pixel will connect site activity and conversion events into our Snaps user database. For example, if a user clicks a link in a bot that goes to a product page on an eCommerce site, the pixel tracks the user journey and knows if the user actually purchases that product or not, as well as any details associated with purchase activity. This enables Snaps to provide complete analytics as well as integrate user behavior into the bot for retargeting purposes (ie. send this message to all bot users who have clicked a link out but not purchased the item). This integration should take less than an hour and should be compatible with any tag management platform you may be using (Google Tag Manager, etc).

How It Works

When you place the Snaps SDK on your site’s pages, we will automatically POST data back into the Snaps API. Optionally, we also have the ability to capture data from specific fields (orderTotal, lineItems, etc) on your site and pass that back in the event. We can also track custom events. The pixel works asynchronously, so there will be no lag time on your site. There are two different options for implementation:

Option 1: Javascript
Option 2: Basic Image

Web Bot

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Snaps SDK

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