Product Updates

Learn about new features and improvements to the Snaps platform.

April 2019

  • Updated settings menu: Quickly access helpful links by clicking on the profile image in the bottom left corner of Snaps. You can now jump to the knowledge base, product updates, and system system status from the settings menu. You can also log out without navigating all the way into your settings. You can still manage your profile and team by clicking on the settings icon.

March 2019

  • Entry and exit conditions: Each block now has conditions that can run before and after it in order to make make sure your users are receiving the right message and response. Read our blog post for a more detailed overview or refer to the entry and exit conditions documentation for help building your own.
  • Block Navigation: Next to every button and quick reply that points to a block you'll now see an arrow that will allow you to quickly jump to that block.

February 2019

  • Restyled login page: We've updated the styling of our login page to better match our website and app.
  • Information about what channels are being published: The publish modal now displays all of the channel types that you are going to publish on, as well as how many different experiences you have deployed on those channels.
  • Demo and Production support for all channel types: You can now configure demo and production environments for every channel. This means you can create and test experiences on every channel before setting it live to your audience. Read more about publishing your experiences and about channels.

January 2019

  • Multi-Channel Deployment: We've added in the ability to deploy the same conversational experience across multiple different channels simultaneously. You can learn more about what channels Snaps supports and how to configure channels here.
  • Speed improvements in the compose tool: Significantly increased the speed at which blocks can be duplicated, archived, rearranged, and rendered.
  • Multi-language intent training Added in the ability to filter the nlp training tool based on language, allowing you to train against user utterances entered in a certain language or locale.
  • Sentiment for free text: The free text table in free text analytics now has sentiment included for every user utterance.
  • Reflektion integration: Your conversational experiences can now easily integrate with the Reflektion API in order to provide improved product recommendations and discovery.

Product Updates

Learn about new features and improvements to the Snaps platform.

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