Channel Overview

Once you've built your bot, you'll need to select what channels you wish to deploy it on. Snaps supports a variety of different channels.

1. Add A Channel - The supported channel types are represented at the top of the page, click on a channel to configure it and deploy your experience.
2. Status - The status of your channels, a channel can be toggled on or off. A channel that is set to off will not appear to end users.
3. Channel - The type of channel.
4. Name - The name of your channel.
5. Link - A link to each channel, the type of link varies based on the type of channel.
6. Environment - The environment a channel is deployed on; channels can be either staging or production.

Disconnecting Channels

You can disconnect a channel by using the menu located on the right hand side of the table. Disconnecting a channel means that any of the information that has been configured in that channel will be removed. The bot associated with that channel will not be deleted.

What's Next

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Configuring iOS

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Configuring Android

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