Snaps Features

The Snaps platform is comprised of a suite of powerful features and tools designed to help you build, deploy, manage, and analyze conversational experiences across different channels. This user guide contains overviews of each feature and how it can be used, as well as in-depth guides and tips to help you get the most out of our platform.

Core Capabilities


Create and deploy your conversational messaging experiences across platforms.


Send targeted and automated messages to users.


Grow and track your audience across a variety of sources.


Build and train your bot's natural language understanding in order to respond to a diverse array of customer requests and inquiries.


Analyze and track the most important metrics for your bot.

Supporting Features

The following features come with the Snaps Platform, and can be used to empower and enhance our core capabilities:

  • Save and store important data points about your users with User Properties.
  • Use Conditions to create complex decision trees for an endless variety of conversational experiences.
  • The Content Library allows you to maintain your assets and imagery.
  • Organize, structure and manage your entities with Tags.
  • Expand the capabilities of your bot by using Custom Blocks for custom development.
  • Manage your team by assigning Roles and responsibilities.
  • Easily Integrate with your existing enterprise partners.

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Snaps Features

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