In order to deploy your bot on web, you'll need to configure several elements.


The setup form consists of demo channel and production channel options, and can only be configured when they channel is being set up for the first time.
A production channel is intended to be used by your customers and end users. A demo channel is intended to be used for internal testing of experiences before they're deployed to your production channel.


Name - The name of the channel for reference with Snaps, this is internal facing only and won't be seen by your end users.
Headline - The headline at the top of your bot, this field will be seen by your end users and is optional.
Tag Line - A tag line appears below the headline and can offer explanation as to what your web bot is for. This field is optional.

Persistent Menu

The persistent menu is a menu can be accessed at any point in a conversation by clicking in the bottom right corner of the messenger window. Creating a persistent menu is the same as creating any other message elements


1. Brand Logo - The brand logo appears in the header alongside the Headline and Tagline, this field is optional.
2. Chat Icon - The chat icon appears in the bottom right corner of your website and is what users click to initiate a chat.
3. Chat Avatar - The chat avatar appears next to messages sent by your bot.
4. Agent Avatar - The agent avatar appears next to messages sent by a real customer service agent.
5. Primary Color - The primary color is used to style actionable elements, like buttons.
6. Secondary Color - The secondary color is used as a background in the header and in messages sent by you.


The custom code snippet that is generated for your channel, learn more about installing your web bot.


1. Conversation Timeout - Set a timeout for conversations, after which point the conversation history will be erased by the bot.
2. Whitelist Domains - Domains that the webbot can run on.

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